Our Vision


To EMBRACE those who are far from God, to IMPASSION people in pursuit of Jesus,
and to EMPOWER 
believers to live with purpose.


We allow ourselves to be fully embraced by the love of God, knowing that his mercy and grace is enough.


We embrace others from all walks of life, enveloping them in the love of God as demonstrated in true community.

What does this look like for us? 

Those far from God are brought in to a community of loving believers. We seek to reach out to those who differ from us in age, gender, racial, socioeconomic or cultural background.


We are impassioned by the passions of Jesus: a heart for intimacy with the Father, a love for the church, and a passion to reach those who are far from God. As we delight ourselves in Him, our desires become one with His.


We infect others with the passions that he has placed within us. Others will be impassioned to live a life of purpose in Christ.

What does this look like for us?

People are freely expressing love to God through various forms of prayer, worship, and active service. They are also committed to growing in their walk with God through life-giving groups. These expressions come from an overflow of love and joy, not from a legalistic sense of obligation. 


We are empowered as individuals, by the Holy Spirit, to walk as Jesus walked and to live out our specific calling in Him.


We have the authority and joy to empower others to fulfill the desires God has placed in their hearts. The law of love brings us life and allows us to live together in unity of purpose. Together we are empowered to bring the kingdom of God from heaven to earth.

What does this look like for us?

Individuals are walking passionately in their specific calling and purpose. They are confident in the authority they have been given through Jesus Christ, and use their authority with power and grace. They seek to actively encourage and empower others, partnering with them in the work of the kingdom. Leaders are reproducing leaders, freely giving away what has been freely given to them.