Our Values


  •  Creativity: We believe that we are made in the image of God, the ultimate Creator. Therefore, we are consistently seeking fresh ways to promote the good news and live out our faith.
  • Excellence: We seek to offer our best to the Lord, doing everything we do with our whole heart, knowing we serve the Lord, not men. We refuse to offer Him that which costs us nothing.
  • Diversity: We are unified under the essential teachings of word of God, but we recognize and validate various cultural expressions of these truths. We seek to preserve those aspects of culture that glorify Jesus and challenge ourselves to discard those aspects of culture that keep us from living in the Truth.
  • Authenticity: We are free to be ourselves, on the way to being perfected. We owe it to each other to be transparent about our weaknesses, to confess them to one another, thereby living in true community.
  • Team: We know that we are always better together than we are alone. Therefore, we seek to create opportunities to share authority and responsibility with one another.
  • Strategic Risk Taking: We do not shrink back from taking risks that the Lord has ordained for us. When taking risks, we factor in the power of God to back us up.
  • Environment of Mutual Respect: We submit to one another from a place of honor and treat outsiders with love, creating an environment of freedom and lack of fear.
  • Supernatural Living: We seek to become aware of all that is available to us though the Holy Spirit. We treat the supernatural as an essential part of the normal Christian life.
  • Simplicity: We know that as organizations grow, simplicity is not easy to maintain. We want to remain true to the focus of our core vision as we expand outward. The things that we choose not to do are as important as the things we choose to do. Simplicity breeds unity of vision, and unity of vision causes ultimate kingdom effectiveness.