Life Lift Devotional: Day 4

Read Philippians 1: 19-25.

1. Are you aware of the purpose of God for your life? If you have any clues about your purpose record them now.



2. Have you settled the matter in your heart that your life is not your own, but that you belong to the purposes of Jesus Christ? If not, do not move on until you’ve settled this with Him.



3. Do you have a dream in your heart that God placed there? Ask God to crystallize that dream for you in your heart and mind so that you can continue to bless others with the fruit of your labor on earth.


The Life Lift Devotional is designed to take you through the book of Philippians one chapter per week. It will help lift your life purpose to a new level. Each Day’s devotion is short but thought provoking. There is no need to rush through it. It can easily be completed in 10 to  20 minutes per day. You may print out this page or record your responses in a journal. This study can stand alone, and it also goes great with our weekly Life Link sermons you can download from our podcast. If this study is helpful to you, please let us know! Thank you.