Why Home Church?

When we first launched Resonate Church, we met in Creekside Park Elementary School. That day we were blessed with about 70 people worshiping God in that building. From week to week God’s Spirit continued to move powerfully. However, the numbers of people didn’t always reflect what God was doing.  We have seen salvations, physical healing, and other miracles in our midst. And we have praised God for each person we have ministered to, affected, and touched with the life of God.

We moved to the Tikahtnu Theater for our second year and we loved meeting there: the comfy seating, great acoustics, and great vibe. Worship through music and the arts is a big part of our vision, so this was a great place to watch that vision unfold. However, what God had foreseen, we could not. Families came, and families went– many relocated, others moved on for various reasons. As we came upon our year lease with the theater, we knew things would be tight financially, but we renegotiated our contract and it looked hopeful that we were going to be able to continue meeting at the theater. But as we were preparing for another Sunday at the theater, we realized that we were not hearing back an affirmative answer from the theater, and we felt the Lord prompting us to cut the cord on our facility and pare everything down to a home church setting.

The decision was made on a Friday and Leigh Sloan had already been preparing a message on pruning, and the necessity of God pruning things in our lives to make us grow. The message could not have been more apt in preparation for what we were facing. Neither of us (Jake or Leigh) have ever really done “home church” before, so we had a lot to learn. Since then, we have been able to slow down on the physical work of set-up and tear-down of having church in a big facility and focus on the most essential work of the ministry: building into the lives of our core group. Now we get to spend our time talking and developing relationships like never before. We have all been able to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. Even though we have left the building and made this sacrifice, we know that God has certainly not left our midst.

God has been deconstructing the concept of what the church is to us. Though we are all for music and lights, comfy seats, and a big screen, we know that these elements are not the core of Church. The Church is less of a WHAT and more of a WHO. The Church is us. The Church is real people meeting together for real life exchange. The Church is a gathering of people with diverse gifts that come together to edify one another and to accomplish the Great Commission. The Church is not just something we do– it is who we are. If we are not jumping into life together, finding our gifts and using them, being challenged, edified, and strengthened, then we are forfeiting part of the inheritance that Christ died to give us.

We are burdened by the number of people in the Anchorage area who have not yet found a local group of believers with whom they can be fully engaged. And this is very sad because people who are not active in real Church are missing something. It is not enough to “do” church. You need to know the names of the people for whom you’d give your life– the people who you’d go to if you have a need, the people you will laugh with and cry with, the people you will be brave enough to argue with and know that you will always be loved. This is the Church experience God wants for each of us. If you have not found this essential part of life in Christ, we implore you…find it soon. Go after it and pray for God to direct you in your search. As with your daily bread, or a job, or anything else you need, we believe that God will supply to those who seek.

See, Resonate Church started out “doing church” pretty well. But recently, he has been showing us more about “being” the Church. And though some of these lessons have been hard, we have undergone a revelation of the heart that we would not trade for anything. As we move forward into God’s future for us, we have it on our hearts to ask God to bring 40 committed people into our fellowship before we launch again into a larger venue. It feels like we’re starting again at ground zero– and maybe in a sense we are. But we know that over the past couple years, our roots have gone in deep and we will have more life and more grounding to sustain the fullness of what he wants to do in us and through us.

If you aren’t satisfied with your status quo in God, if you have big dreams, if you want to be more free than you’ve ever dreamed possible, if you want to be empowered to realize your highest calling in Jesus Christ– you might be called to Resonate Church. If you are reading this post and you realize that Resonate Church just might be the fellowship of believers that you are called to do life with, don’t take that prompting lightly. Pray about it, come visit us on a Saturday night, ask us questions, get to know us, and consider making Resonate Church your home. We are fully reliant on God to bring the people He needs to do the work He wants to do. If you have already committed to another church, we appreciate your prayers and blessings over our fellowship. Thank you for your loving support.

God’s Blessings from Our Family to Yours,

Jake and Leigh Sloan